Request a refund

If you have a financial emergency or if you are withdrawing from studies
and need a review of your file right away, please contact us.

Scholarship release process

If you have a credit on your account from an award not required to be applied to your student account for current or future fees, you may request that it be released in accordance with section 14.3 (iii) of the Faculty Handbook:

  • after the last day to add/drop courses in September;
  • after the last day to add/drop courses in January.

If the credit is eligible for release after reviewing your account, you will receive an electronic money transfer.  Details are emailed to your Brock email address upon completion of the Request a Refund form.  Credits on account resulting from Health and Dental plan reversals remain on account and will be applied towards your next term fees due.
If you are receiving OSAP and have a scholarship, please read the OSAP release process.

Bursary release process

If you did not receive OSAP for the current academic year but did receive bursary assistance and currently have a credit on account, fill out the refund request form.

If you are receiving OSAP and have received a bursary, please read the OSAP release process.

OSAP release process

If you have received OSAP for the current academic year, your OSAP file must be reviewed before any credit can be released. Depending on your assessment, and in accordance with OSAP regulations, your credit may be sent back to the National Student Loans Service Centre to repay a portion of your OSAP.

Request a refund

Please complete this form to request a refund for an outstanding credit balance. Refunds will be done via INTERAC e-transfer. You MUST use your Brock e-mail address and have a Canadian bank or credit union account for e-transfer.  Refunds typically require 10-15 business days for processing.  During peak times, additional processing time may be required.  Thank you for your patience.

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