Tax certificates

Tuition and Enrolment certificate – T2202

Beginning in 2019, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is making changes to the education and textbook certificate.  Previously the form T2202-A, will now be a T2202, Tuition and Enrolment Certificate.  (U.S. Students, please click here for Tax Education Credits information)

Eligible students and eligible amounts will continue to be calculated and entered on the certificate for you by Brock, however, we are now required to collect your Social Insurance Number (SIN) on the T2202 and report amounts to CRA.  The University will e-mail actively registered students students who have not provided their SIN to request it.  Students will auto populate their SIN number through the Brock portal.  Brock staff will never ask you to provide your SIN number directly to them for this purpose. Information can be found on Canada Revenue’s web-site.

Please provide your SIN by logging into and complete the following:

  • Click the “Student Profile and Addresses” tab on the left-hand side of your student portal. From there, you will click “Demographics”/ “Student Profile”/ “Collection”.  This is where you will add or update your SIN information.

T2202 and the former T2202A forms are available online via the student portal. Log in to your student self-serve portal and go to “Tax Certificates” to view or download the form as a PDF.  Tax documents are available by February 28 for each tax year, as required by CRA.

Calculations are for courses taken and fees charged in a calendar year, not an academic year as required by CRA. The T2202 certificate is not mailed to students.

Scholarship, Bursary, Fellowship, Award or Prize Income Tax Slip –T4A

Students who have received scholarship, award, bursary, prize or fellowship amounts will receive a T4A income slip.

These income tax slips are also available online via the student portal.  To access your tax slip information please login to your student self-serve portal and go to “Tax – T4A”.  Select the year and click on “GO” to download the tax slip in PDF format.

Calculations for scholarships/bursaries/awards, etc. are based on a calendar year, not an academic year as required by CRA. Please be aware that Brock University has communicated the information contained in these tax slips to the Canada Revenue Agency. Please consult your tax guide for full details.

Social Insurance Number

Please ensure your social insurance number has been added to your personal information in your student portal. Brock requires this information for the completion of your tax forms. Please consult your tax guide for full details.

Trouble with Portal Access – No Longer a Student or Forgot your Password

If you are no longer a student and/or forgot your password please follow password reset instructions  or contact Brock Central @ the Registrar’s Office. Please have either your student ID and/or campus ID with you for verification.