Student Accounts and Financial Aid (SAFA) at Brock is committed to providing service that is accessible to all students.


Student Accounts and Financial Aid is proud to be part of Brock’s University-wide commitment to provide facilities, programs and services that respect the dignity and independence of all persons.  Accessibility at Brock provides information on policies and practices at Brock.


Brock invites comments and suggestions to assist the University in enhancing all areas of accessibility for faculty, staff, students and visitors. Submit feedback and suggestions.

Temporary disruptions

Visit the University home page for notice of campus-wide or departmental closures and disruptions to service. Notice of temporary disruptions to Information Technology Services can be found at IT Services.

For more information, please contact us at

Accessibility features

  • Student Front Line Services are available in  Brock Central @ The Registrar’s Office on the third (3rd) floor of the Schmon Tower by email, phone, live chat or in person.  Students with complex student account or financial aid situations that require service beyond what is available at Brock Central will be referred to a member of Student Accounts and Financial Aid (SAFA) for further assistance.  While SAFA’s main communication method with students is via Brock e-mail account, our staff is happy to provide assistance in any format required.  Please let us know if you require alternate communication methods or information provided in other formats.
  • Accessible washrooms: A unisex accessible washroom is available in the Schmon Tower, across from the elevators.
  • Elevator: The Schmon Tower is equipped with accessible elevators.
  • Assistive devices available: In the event of an evacuation of the Schmon Tower, an emergency evacuation chair is available.
  • Service animals: Service animals are welcome at Brock including, but not limited to, guide dogs, hearing or signal animals, mobility assistance animals, seizure response animals and therapeutic assistance animals.
  • Support persons: Support persons are welcome in Brock Central @ the Registrar’s Office and when meeting with members of Student Accounts and Financial Aid. In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and OSAP regulations, the student must give permission before a support person can have access to student information.