Brock offers numerous awards, scholarships and bursaries. You can apply to the vast majority of these awards through the Brock University OneApp. In addition to the awards available through the OneApp, there are automatic admission awards, prestige awards and awards for incoming student athletes.

Brock University pledged an additional $1 million to our awards programs for 2016-17. We’ve increased our Brock Scholars entrance scholarships, as well as our donor scholarships and bursaries for students in financial need. You can learn how to apply for these awards below.

To help you understand the difference between scholarships/awards and bursaries, let us provide you a general description of the two:

  • Scholarships/awards tend to be based on merit (e.g., grades or leadership).
  • Bursaries tend to be based on financial need.

OneApp – Apply to hundreds of awards and bursaries at once

Student Awards and Financial Aid recognizes student success and provides support to those in financial need. We understand how busy the school year can be, so we have developed one application for all awards and bursaries offered at Brock. We call it OneApp.

  • You are only required to submit OneApp once each year.
  • You can update your information throughout the year (e.g., you may want to update your OneApp before we review applications for awards).

Please see our Important Dates for information on when your OneApp will be reviewed.

Once you submit your OneApp, you can check your status online. We will provide you with a more detailed list of the awards and bursaries for which you might be eligible and provide details for their review dates. If you are selected to receive one of the awards or bursaries, we will contact you through your Brock email account. Keep in mind that you can submit a new OneApp each year starting Aug. 1. Please review Brock’s Financial Need Assessment Policy before beginning your OneApp application.

Apply now!

Want to see all awards and bursaries offered through Brock? Check out our award search tool.