OSAP forms and appeals

Commonly Used OSAP processing forms:

The following forms allow you to make changes or updates to your OSAP application. Completed forms should be uploaded to OSAP via your OSAP portal.   Forms are normally processed within 4-6 weeks of receipt.

Have previous Full-Time OSAP loans but are not getting OSAP this year? Keep your previous loans interest free if you are still studying Full-Time/on a Co-op Work Term!

Log into your OSAP portal and complete the on line request for Continuation of Interest Free Status.  Students with accessibility issues that prevent them from on line submission should visit Brock Central, 3rd floor, Schmon Tower for assistance.

Please note: students who have previously defaulted on their student loans or who have declared bankruptcy, which included their OSAP loans, are not eligible for interest-free status.

It is important to keep your income information up-to-date and accurate. Use this form to update your income information throughout out the academic year.

As an OSAP recipient, you are expected to successfully complete a 60 per cent course load (1.5 credits per term)  or 40 per cent course load (1.0 credit per term) for students with a registered with a permanent disability.

If you are placed on academic probation, use this template.

Use this form if you add, drop, or withdraw from one or more courses while receiving OSAP funding.  Graduate students who only registered for FALL courses should use this form if they are now registered for WINTER courses as well.  This does not replace the Add/Withdrawal form required by the Office of the Registrar via Brock Central.

As an OSAP recipient, you are expected to progress through the successive years of your program. Frequent or multiple program switches, dropping from a full courses load to a part-time course load, withdrawing from a program, repeating a program and/or taking programs at the same level of study may be considered lack of progress and lack of academic direction by the student receiving OSAP funding.

If you are required to provide an academic edit letter, please use this template.

OSAP Extension Forms:

Extension forms are available at certain times of the year to students who are extending their base Fall application.

If you have received full-time OSAP funding for the Fall and/or Winter session, you may be eligible for assistance for Spring/Summer courses.

This form is for TechEd students who have submitted an OSAP application for the current academic year and wish to extend their application for the next study period.

If you are a graduate student who received Fall and/or Winter OSAP you will use this form to extend your OSAP into the Spring/Summer term.

Student/Parent/Spouse Appeals and Updates:  OSAP FORMS PAGE

These forms allow you to request a review of your OSAP file based on exceptional expenses/circumstances that occur during the pre-study or study period.

Supporting documentation is required. Please read the instructions carefully.

Permanent Disability Status Change:

Use this form to declare a change to your permanent disability status on your OSAP file AFTER you have submitted the Disability Verification Form.

Use this form to declare that you have a permanent disability on your OSAP application, or to remove a prior declaration.

Other OSAP forms:

Use this form if you are taking courses at another school under a letter of permission, and wish to have these courses added to your OSAP course load.

Request a temporary password when you have been locked out of the OSAP website.

Note: There is a faster way to get your OAN number and password. Just drop by the Brock Central with your social insurance card and a valid, government-issued photo ID.

You are also welcome to drop by another financial aid office at any other post-secondary institution that administers the OSAP program to retrieve your OAN number.