Sponsored Students & Tuition Billing

  1. What is the purpose of a sponsorship letter?

Sponsorship letters are a guarantee from an outside committee, company or organization to pay certain fees for students, primarily; tuition, ancillary fees, residence, meal plans, textbooks, etc.

  1. How does it work?

The sponsor must complete the on line sponsorship form or send a letter  on company letterhead outlining their commitment to the student directly to receivables@brocku.ca. Once received the student account will be coded to reflect that the student is now a sponsored student which will suppress interest for the term(s) they are sponsored for. This is a by term arrangement and a new letter is required for each term. The Fall and Winter terms can be combined under one letter.  Spring and Summer terms require independent letters.

  1. How will the student account be paid?

Once the drop/add date for the term has passed and students have been allowed to change, drop or add to their registered classes we will review the sponsored student accounts and create a statement and invoice (as per the specifics outlined in the sponsor letter—see below) which will be emailed to the sponsor for their remittance/payment. The sponsor will submit payment to be applied directly to the student account when received.  Only invoiced items/sponsored fees should be paid to Brock.  Sponsor’s wishing to provide other living costs to students should pay those amounts directly to the student.  Fees not covered by the sponsor are the responsibility of the student to pay, in accordance with Brock’s payment due dates and overdue accounts policy.  Sponsor’s should send a cheque, with student(s) name and student number(s) to:

Brock University

Attn:  Student Account Payments

1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way

St. Catharines, Ont.  L2S 3A1

  1. What if a student drops or withdraws from courses?

Sponsored student accounts with a credit balance from registration changes, who remain registered for the next term and continue to be sponsored, will have the credit applied to those fees and the invoice and statement for the following term sent to the sponsor will reflect the credit and the sponsor will only remit the actual payable.  Sponsor’s are repaid any credit balance before students are eligible to request a refund for credits on account covered by the sponsorship.  Sponsors may, at their discretion, request any credit be paid directly to the student rather than repaid to the sponsor.  Brock will issue a cheque to the sponsor at the mailing address on the sponsor letter, with reference to the student(s) the credit is being issued for.

Sponsor Letter Requirements.

  1. Sponsor name, address, phone number, and email of sponsor/person/department responsible for payment. This must be received via the on line form on letterhead directly from the sponsor to receivables@brocku.ca
  2. Date of issue
  3. Term(s) covered including the start date and end date of the term, per above in section 2.
  4. Student(s) name, Brock student ID number, student birthdate, program registered in/sponsored for, maximum number of credits or maximum dollar value of sponsorship.
  5. What is being covered: tuition, residence, textbooks, ancillary fees etc.
  6. What is not being covered: opt out fees, (health insurance, dental insurance etc.), books, supplies.
  7. Any special notes required by the sponsor. For example, a unique sponsorship identifier or file name to be included on the invoice.
  8. Authorized signature and contact name of the sponsor/person or department authorized to make payment to the University.

Sponsor questions or concerns should be sent to receivables@brocku.ca