Faculty of Mathematics and Science Convocation Portal 2021

Greetings from Dean Ejaz Ahmed,

It is my utmost pleasure to honour the fine work and perseverance you have shown throughout your academic career.

Convocation is a time to reflect. It is a time to celebrate your accomplishments and be recognized by your professors, mentors and peers.

I know that nothing can replace the experience of having your name called out and walking across the Convocation stage. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to change how we gather and celebrate life’s biggest moments.

Though we may not greet each other in person, our spirits are aligned and I am just as proud to see your progress. The virtual nature of this year’s Convocation may be witnessed by an even wider array of attendees now that we aren’t limited by a physical location.

Pictured right – Rozhin Rowshanpour of the Faculty of Mathematics and Science completed her undergraduate degree and now takes her MSc. She works on Chemistry Professor Travis Dudding’s team working on, among other excellent research, COVID-19 science.

Take a moment to re-live your most joyful experiences at Brock; your highest marks, longest laughs and greatest challenges overcome.

From prestigious awards to careers in top companies, ground-breaking research, publications and community involvement, as a Brock graduate your future can be anything you desire. Our grads never cease to impress and inspire us.

Our Faculty draws on the strength and scholarly pursuit in each of you to shine brightly on the world stage. I trust you will engage life to the fullest and succeed marvelously in your careers with the tools and work ethic you crafted at Brock.


Convocation is a time to appreciate the work you have done.  The papers submitted, the problems solved and all the friends you made along the way. Once you have earned your honours they remain with you for a lifetime. You are and always will be a Brock graduate from convocation onward.