To-Do is used to create various task lists in one place with enhanced reminders and tracking. Track your personal work tasks, using My Day and Suggestions. Users are able to set due dates and reminder times for each task to keep them on track. To-Do automatically syncs with Outlook Tasks.

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My Day is used to keep track of your tasks for today. As well, you can create any number of additional lists to organize your work, groceries, projects, and more.

To-Do does not yet support all the features in Outlook Tasks including: start and end dates, task status, task completion percentages, priority levels, task work hours, task colours, option to format text in notes, or file attachments. Data you have entered for these additional details in Outlook Tasks will be stored safely in Outlook Tasks; however, it will not yet appear in To-Do.

To-Do allows you to start each day with a fresh slate. When My Day is first opened it will be a blank space to add the to-dos you want to accomplish that day. There is also the option to use Suggestions, which will give you suggested to-dos to add to My Day. Any to-dos you do not finish will be saved and suggested to you the next day.