Residence Technology

Residence Technology


Brock University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) department provides the following services for students living in residence:

  • Internet (wireless access is available in all residences and common areas)
  • Connectivity for gaming consoles and Internet of Things (IoT) devices
  • Telephone service
  • Cable TV

See the appropriate tab for each of the services above for more info.



Service Hours

Please view our current support hours.

Service Expectations

Internet, Cable TV, and telephone services are available 24/7, except during scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages. If you cannot access any of these resources from your residence, you can contact the Help Desk during regular service hours (see service hours above).


Wireless internet services is available in all on-campus residences:

  • Earp
  • DeCew
  • Lowenberger
  • Gateway
  • Quarryview
  • Vallee
  • Village

Learn how to connect to the Brock Wireless Network.

Connect your device!

The MAC address of your gaming console or other IoT device is required to connect to the Brock University wireless network. Students living in residence can connect by registering their device’s MAC address here:

Register your MAC address!

Submit your MAC address on the self-serve registration page to connect your device to ResIoT. One form should be filled out for each gaming console or IoT device you wish to connect.

Having trouble?

If you are unable to successfully register your device through the self-service page, you may fill out the ResIoT Form for assistance.

Please note that wireless printing to personal printers is not available in residences. If you bring a personal printer please ensure to bring all needed cords and cables to directly connect to the device you wish to print from.

Telephone Services

Brock University offers local telephone service in all on-campus residence lounges.

Cable TV

Cable TV is provided in living rooms and lounges for the following residences: Earp, DeCew, Gateway, Lowenberger, Quarryview, Vallee and Village.

Click here for a list of cable channels available to those in residence.

If you are experiencing difficulties email us at


ITS expects all students and guests in residence to respect the Brock University Administration and Academic Policies.

Abuse of ITS provided services in residences will not be tolerated, including:

  • Harassment and/or sexual harassment via phone or e-mail.
  • Attempting to by-pass long distance restrictions or toll fraud.

Failure to comply will result in services being disconnected. Re-instatement of services will be at the student’s expense.


The ITS Help Desk is happy to help you. Here’s how you can contact us:

Call Us

(905) 688-5550 x 4357


Students are welcome to bring gaming consoles and smart devices with them to help make their stay at Brock feel like home.

Please note that wireless printing to personal printers is not available in residences. If you bring a personal printer please ensure to bring all cords and cables needed to directly connect to the device you wish to print from.

While we attempt to support a wide variety of gaming consoles and connected devices, not all smart devices are supported. If you follow the steps and are unable to connect please contact us on this form for assistance.

To connect, register your device’s MAC address by following these simple steps. Once the device’s MAC address has been registered, it can be connected to ResIoT.

Please note ResIoT should only be used for devices that are unable to connect directly to the BrockWiFi. Laptops, tablets and other mobile devices should be connected to BrockWiFi using your Campus ID and password whenever possible.

Guides for finding the MAC address and connecting certain products are linked below. If you are unable to find your MAC address please contact our Help Desk during open hours for assistance.



Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch logo


Wii logo



I was unable to find my MAC address.

  • Please contact the Help Desk for assistance during open hours.

I followed the directions and registered my MAC address, but was not able to connect.

  • It may take a few minutes for your MAC address to register. Try connecting to ResIoT again after restarting the system.
  • If your device required manual input of the SSID check that it matches exactly. The SSID ResIoT is case sensitive.
  • If you are still unable to connect, please contact us via this form.

I am unable to send documents to my personal printer.

  • Wireless printing to personal computers is not supported in residences at this time.