Desktop and Mobile Video Conferencing Applications

Lifesize Cloud

Brock University has recently unveiled the new Cloud Based collaboration tool Lifesize Cloud. You will continue to enjoy rich, high quality meetings from your Mac, PC or Mobile device as in the past, however we now offer a browser based version that doesn’t require any installation.  It has never been easier to invite guests to Video meetings using the Lifesize Cloud Webapp to:

  • Hold virtual office hours with your students
  • Connect with colleagues using Enterprise Video Conference Systems
  • Collaborate with colleagues by creating your own Virtual Meeting Rooms
  • Use Lifesize Cloud for teleconferencing, for free!

Discover Lifesize Cloud

  • Connect with up to 500 people per call
  • Webinar mode
  • Browser based calling
  • Free international teleconferencing with up to 500 people per call

Google Chrome Browser or Internet Explorer are required to use the Lifesize Cloud Webapp.

Using one of these browsers go to and sign in with your Brock CampusID.

The Lifesize cloud software client can be downloaded at

WH147, capacity 28, is typically used for thesis defenses, graduate level classes, colloquial, guest lectures, candidate interviews, research meetings and training sessions. The set up to allow remote participation via video-conference or teleconference. Multiple display devices are available in the room including:

  • 60″ LCD Monitor
  • 55″ Confidence Monitor
  • Large drop-down projection screen with interactive control

Faculty and staff can request to book WH147. If WH147 is not available, or you have booked an alternative space on campus, please fill out the Portable Setup Request Form.

Online bookings can be made using the links below:

The portable/classroom booking site only books the video conference equipment, contact room bookings to reserve a classroom or meeting space.  Once you have a room booked, put in a request through the portable/classroom booking site.