Where can I print...

Black and white laser printers are available in all ITS labs.

  • Computer Commons *
  • CRN217
  • MCA203
  • MCJ201
  • MCJ202
  • MIW133 (MAC)
  • PLZ309 *
  • PLZ310 (MAC) *
  • WH205

Letter size printing (8.5×11) is available in all labs.

Duplex printing of letter size paper is available in select labs.

* Tabloid size printing (11×17) is available in the computer commons, PLZ309 and PLZ310.

Colour printers are available in select ITS labs:

  • Computer Commons *
  • MCJ201
  • PLZ309 *
  • PLZ310 (MAC) *
  • MIW133 (MAC)

Letter size printing (8.5×11) is available in above labs.

* Tabloid size printing (11×17) is available in the computer commons, PLZ309 and PLZ310.

Printing Information

Printing costs can be found on the Brock Library site.

Colour printing is only available in select labs. For specific locations see Where Can I Print.

Tabloid printing is only available in the Computer Commons, PLZ309 and PLZ310.

In order to print, you will need to load funds on to your print/copy account, which is set up for all Brock students, faculty, and staff. Visitors to Brock who want to use the copiers should visit the Library “Ask Us” desk, in the Matheson Learning Commons, to learn about printing options.

Brock users pay for printing using Flex Dollars (which can be spent on goods and services across campus!) which you load onto your Brock Card in increments of $10 or more:

  1. To securely add funds online yourself, you will need a credit card (VISA/Mastercard) or a Debit Mastercard or VISA/debit card. If you do not have a credit card, inquire with your bank about setting up a debit/credit card. Simply log in with your Brock ID and click Add Cash.
  2. A third party (e.g. a parent or guardian) can add funds on your behalf using the parental deposit feature. They will need your Student/Faculty/Staff Number and date of birth.
  3. Visit the Brock Card Office (top of Market Hall Stairs) to load funds, including cash or debit, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

To check your balance or request refunds, log into your print account.

Faculty and staff normally charge a department account when printing and often are configured to use that by default however they can also deposit funds onto their personal account for personal printing.

Personal printer and copy services across Brock’s three campuses can be paid for through the flex dollar balance on your Brock Cards.

If the PaperCut client does not prompt to select the personal or departmental account, faculty and staff can contact us directly at our Help Desk locations during open hours for assistance or submit a Help Desk ticket. Hours and locations are available on our Contact Us page.

Follow these simple steps for the best printing experience:

  • Before printing check your document using the print preview feature to:
    • Identify any formatting changes needed.
    • Find and remove blank pages.
    • Ensure that your document is ready to print.
  • Check your print balance to make sure you have enough to print your document.
  • When in doubt try printing one page before sending your entire document.

I can’t login to check my print balance:

  • Login with your CampusID. If you have forgotten your CampusID password, please visit our FAQ page for information on how to reset it through the Brock Portal or contact us directly at our Computer Commons Help Desk location during open hours. Hours are available on our Lab Hours page.

PDF print error:

  • Click the Advanced button on the print window and then ensure that the option “Print as Image” is checked.
  • Click OK to close the Advanced Print Setup window and then OK to print.

Money was taken from my print account, but the print was unacceptable or did not print:

  • If there is a problem with your document due to a printer malfunction, your account will be credited. The unacceptable output must be submitted to the Lab Advisor at the Computer Commons Help Desk with your request for credit.
  • You may request a refund by logging into https:\\ and go to Recent Print Jobs and then click the Request Refund link for the respective job.

Something else has happened:

  • Contact us directly at our Computer Commons Help Desk location during open hours. Hours are available on our Lab Hours page.

Ricoh MFD User Guide

View the Brock quick-guide booklet (PDF)