SharePoint is a is a web-based collaborative platform that integrates with Microsoft Office 365. SharePoint is primarily a document management and storage system, but the product can be highly configurable and usage varies substantially among organizations.

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There is no request procedure for SharePoint. You can access SharePoint through Office 365.

Site access requests should be made through the BrockDB – Security Access Request Form or through the respective site owner.


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To create a SharePoint@Brock Site, go to Sign in with your Brock credentials.

1. Click on Create Site at the top of the page. A side bar will appear with site type options.

2. Navigate through the menu at the top of the page to see different types of SharePoint@Brock Sites. Beside each site logo is a description on that type of site. Click on the site type you want to create.



3. Fill out the form and click Request Site. The form is the same for all types of sites.



4. Your site will automatically be created. This may take a few minutes.



5. Click the link to be brought to your homepage where you can start building your site and adding members.

When your site is complete, you will be offered a training session for the site owner(s). The ITS team will also be available for any support needed post-launch.

Students cannot be a part of SharePoint@Brock Intranet Sites. They can, however, create a Ad-hoc site to manage group work with other students.

To create a Ad-hoc site:

1. When you sign in to Office 365, open the app launcher and select SharePoint, or, go directly there by navigating to and signing in with your Brock credentials.

2. At the top of your page, click the Create site button.


create site button


3. A side-bar will appear, click Ad-hoc under Collaboration.



4. Fill out the form and click Request Ad-hoc Site.



5. Your site will automatically be created. This may take a few minutes.



6. Click the link to be brought to your homepage where you can start building your site and adding members.

group site


For assistance with building your new group site, read the Group Site Owner’s Guide.

Go to SharePoint for a full list of all the site types available to Faculty and Staff. Under Available Site Templates, click on the site types to read more about them.

Students only have access to create Ad-hoc sites.

Yes. Having more than one site owner is encouraged in the case that a site owner leaves Brock, there is a second that has full owner access and the knowledge to keep the site operating as normal. 

Yes. Open a document in a document library by clicking on it. The document will open for editing in Office Online. The number of people currently editing the document will appear in the top-right of the document. 

Yes, view SharePoint Data Encryption for more information.