Teams is an open, digital workplace platform that combines chats, meetings, notes, and attachments. It incorporates other Office 365 applications to make work visible, integrated, and accessible for all employees.





Service Hours

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Service Expectations

Teams is available 24/7 except during scheduled maintenance and unplanned outages.

Log In

Log in to Power BI through your Office 365 account:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in using your Campus ID and Password.
  3. Click on the App Launcher in the top-left corner of any page.
  4. Under Apps, select Teams. If you do not see Teams, click the link that says All apps to view more apps.


There is no request procedure for Teams. If you are faculty or staff, you automatically have access to Teams. SeeĀ Log In for log in instructions.

Start Chats and Make Calls

Start chats (one-on-one or group) and make both video and audio calls.

Upload and Share Files

Attach files to messages, access files via the Files tab, and upload docs to Files directly.

Join a Teams Meeting

After being invited to a Teams meeting, there are a few different ways you can join.

Create Instant Meetings with Meet Now

Turn a Teams conversation into a quick meeting with Meet Now.

Manage Meetings

View your appointments and meetings, and learn how to schedule meetings.


Infographics and Guides

We’ve created these resources to help you better understand SharePoint and Office 365.

Office 365 Training Center

Discover tutorials, videos, training, and more, all provided by Microsoft.

Microsoft YouTube Channel

Watch hundreds of videos on Microsoft products and services.

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Online courses from industry experts ranging from beginner to advanced learners.

Microsoft Educator Community

We’ve created these resources to help you better understand SharePoint and Office 365.


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Every team has its own set of channels (starting with the general channel), and the member of that team gets to decide what they want the rest of their channels to focus on. Channels allow team members to communicate in different conversations about specific topics. Channels are devoted to specific projects, initiatives, and locations. Channels are public to everyone in a team, but members can choose what channels they wish to communicate and take part in. Members can favourite a channel by clicking into the star.

Channels can be used for discussions, sending documents, hosting team meetings, and more.

Team meetings are quick and easy ways for people in a channel to go from a conversation to an impromptu meeting. Anyone from the team can join, at any time during the meeting.

Team channels are places where everyone on the team can have open conversations. Private chats are only visible to those people in that chat.

Yes, to send a private message click the new message button and enter the name of the person/people you want to chat with.

Yes, Microsoft Teams is available in an app for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices and can be downloaded from your app store.