Video Conferencing/Teleconferencing

A video conference is a conference call between two or more remote sites, where participants communicate via video and audio. Multi-point conferences involve three or more participants. Brock University utilizes the high bandwidth capabilities of the Internet, particularly the Orion and CA*net4 broadband networks, to enable video conferencing using internet protocol (IP). Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), or digital telephone networking is not available at Brock University. Bridging services are available through a third party at a cost to the end user.

Video Conferencing at Brock

ITS has portable equipment available to support high quality video conferences in most teaching spaces on campus.  If you are interested in setting up a video conference in a classroom, please contact Audio Visual Services at

Some of the scenarios in which our Video Conference technology can be used in a classroom setting are the following:

  • Teach your class remotely
  • Connect a Guest Speaker to your class
  • Hold a department meeting with colleagues in different geographic locations
  • Hold large-scale video conferences with multiple video conference participants
  • Record your lectures or guest speaker presentations
  • Collaborate with other universities in a high-quality Video Conference

Brock University utilizes Lifesize Cloud Conferencing hardware to provide a high-quality Video/Audio Experience in most teaching spaces on campus. Our Lifesize Cloud Conference equipment is used in conjunction with our Lifesize software when you wish to connect with desktop/mobile users off campus or in their office. Brock also has several video conference ready rooms that are fully equipped with Video Conference technology, see below for a full list of Video Ready rooms. If you would like to book a video conference in a classroom please contact Audio Visual Services

Brock University utilizes Lifesize Cloud Conferencing Software for the following purposes:

  • Connect a guest speaker to your class
  • Remote teaching from off campus
  • Record or stream your lectures live
  • Connecting to a video conference at another institutions
  • Serving as an external examiner for a Thesis defense taking place at another university
A software based solution (eg. Skype) is not recommended in the classroom; contact audio visual to either book one of our conference rooms or reserve one of our portable Video Conference carts if you wish to have a video conference on campus in a classroom or meeting space.

There are several rooms on campus that are equipped with video conference technology, live streaming, and recording technology. Scheduling of these rooms fall under various departments. Feel free to contact Audio Visual Services for assistance with booking the rooms below:

  • Welch Hall 147  (Audio Visual)
  • Welch Hall 171 (Faculty of Education)
  • Cairns 207  (Biolinc)
  • Cairns 209 (Biolinc)
  • Sankey Chambers  (Room Bookings)
  • Sean O’Sullivan Theatre  (Room Bookings/Scheduling Services)
  • Hamilton Campus  (IRC Hamilton Campus)
  • Taro 230 (Goodman School of Business)

Video Conferencing Applications

Brock University has recently unveiled the new Cloud Based collaboration
tool Lifesize Cloud.


To set up a telephone conference call, please fill out the request form below. An Audio Visual Services representative will be in touch with you to process your request once the form has been submitted.

Please Note: A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to ensure your call can be set up successfully.