Winter Schedule (New Student)

Goodman School of Business

Winter Schedule (New Student)

MSc New Student Course Listing Winter 2015

Winter 2015 - Listing of all MSCM courses


Sec Title/
Day Time  Room
MSCM 5P02 01 Research Methodology II
Prof. D. De Clercq
Thursday 1400-1700 TA204
MSCM 5P04 01 Empirical Finance II
Prof. S. Lazrak
Thursday 1100-1400 TA204
MSCM 5N02/04 01 Research Seminar II
Various (does not meet every week)
Friday 1230-1400 TA203
MSCM 5P33 01 Advanced Special Topics in Accounting
Prof. Elayan
Monday 1100-1400 TA204
MSCM 5P43 01 Options and Futures
Prof. Ben Omrane 
Monday 0800-1100 TA204
MSCM 5P45  01  Advanced Corporate Finance
Prof. Pyo
Friday 1400-1700 TA230
MSCM 5P65  01 Advances in Strategic Market Management
Prof. Thongpapanl
Monday 1100-1400 TA260
MSCM 5P77 01 Simulation and Business Systems
Prof. TBA
Wednesday 1100-1400 TA260
MCSM 5P83 01

Advances in Entrepreneurship Research
Prof. TBA

Tuesday 0800-1100 TA204
MSCM 5P84 01 Advances in Human Resources Theory and Practice
As set by professor    
MSCM 5P85 01 Recent Issues in International Management
Prof. M. Jiang
Wednesday 0800-1100 TA204