Goodman School of Business Activation

All Brock University students must initially activate their account.

This account is used for online registration and viewing financial account details. The activation process for will also provide you with your computer account and Brock badger email address.

  1. Go to the website.
  2. Click “I am a New or Returning Student or Alumnus”.
  3. Enter your Brock student ID number and birthdate in the spaces provided. Click on "Next >".
  4. Note your Computer Account and Brock Email found near the top center of the page. Your Badger code is used for many things:
    • Your Brock email address
    • Your WebCT login
    • Your login to the Business Graduate Labs
    • Your login to the Brock General Labs
  5. Please read the Computer Account Agreement noted on the page and click "I agree" below the agreement followed by "Next >".
  6. You will be prompted to set your password. This password will be used for, your Brock email account and access to all computer labs on campus (including the Goodman School of Business dedicated computer lab in TA 304 and graduate student lounge in TA 262). After clicking "Next >" you will be asked to set security questions for use in the event that you require a password reset. (Please see important information on passwords below).
  7. Click "Next >" to see a summary of the details of your Brock accounts.
  8. Click "Return to Login" to return to the main login page and apply your login (student number) and password (set in Step 6 above).