Goodman Graduate Students Computer Labs

Goodman School of Business

Goodman Graduate Students Computer Labs

Accessing Goodman School of Business Graduate Lab and Lounge

In order for our Goodman School of Business Information Technology Group to set up your access to enter and use our Goodman School of Business Graduate Lab and Lounge, you must enter two important pieces of information into the Goodman School of Business Graduate Portal.
First, you will need to enter your Badger code. Please select “CPU Accounts Agreement”. After carefully reading the Graduate Programs Academic Computing Behaviour Guide, please enter your Badger code at the bottom of the page to indicate your acceptance, then click submit.
Once you have accepted the guidelines for computing behaviour and attended a mandatory training session (offered at the beginning of each term), our IT group will set up your computing profile on our business servers.
Second, you will need to enter your student card MAG swipe number. On your student card, you will find a long series of letters and numbers below the bar code. It will look something like this A29157001234567A. Please select “Swipe Access”. Once you have carefully read the Swipe Card Access agreement, please enter your complete MAG swipe number in the space provided then click submit. Your swipe card will only be activated once you have completed the above procedure and attended a mandatory training session (offered at the beginning of each term).
Entered swipe cards will be activated every Monday and Friday in August and September.



Using the Goodman School of Business Graduate Labs

As students enrolled in the graduate programs of the Goodman School of Business at Brock University you have access to a dedicated service that will allow you to get your computer based work done without having to fight for a position in a common access computer lab. The dedicated computer facilities also provide software that is not available in any other labs on campus. You can access these facilities from any Internet connected computer.
The workstations you will be using are thin terminals. After the power is turned on you will be presented with a menu with only one option available “Desktop”. Click on this option.
Enter your computer account and password as obtained through the activation process. The Log on to field should always show “CAMPUS”.
After your account has been logged on you will see a virtual desktop that will serve as the workspace while using a thin terminal. All of your applications will be available through this desktop.
You may not save files to your desktop. Instead save files to your My Documents folder. You should use your My Documents folder for all of your document storage.
Your My Documents folder is a private location that is only accessible to you, no other students can access the information contained within. This is where all of your data should be stored. No information should be saved on the M:\ or N:\ drives. Any data that is saved in improper locations will be erased on a regular basis by automated processes without warning. It should also be noted that if you were working on a workstation with a floppy drive you would also have access to it as A:\. You can access your My Documents folder by double clicking on My Computer or through the save/save as commands in the various applications.
You may also use a USB key for storage in the labs. After you have plugged your USB drive into the front of the thin terminal, you will see U:\ and V:\ drives. One of these drives will be your USB key depending on which USB port you have used.