Email: Your Brock Badger Account

Goodman School of Business

Email: Your Brock Badger Account

You can access your Brock Badger email account through

You'll need to enter your computer account and password set during the activation process above. It is imperative that you check your Brock Badger account on regular basis as this account will often by used to communicate important information from the Goodman School of Business Graduate Programs Office, professors and others.

Email on your smartphones and tablets
It is now possible to set up your smartphone or tablet to SEND and receive your email sent to your Brock Badger email accounts! 
If you are using an Apple device click on this link from (or type into) your phones browser

 and follow these directions:

  1. Click “Install”
  2. Click “Install Now”
  3. Enter you name
  4. Enter your Badger email address (i.e.
  5. Enter your badger code (i.e. aa99zz)
  6. Enter your password
  7. Enter you badger code again (i.e. aa99zz)
  8. Click Done
If you are using another type of device (Android, Windows Mobile, Outlook …), here are the settings you will need to know:
Email type
Incoming mail server (IMAP)
Incoming mail server port number (TLS)
Outgoing mail server (SMTP)
Outgoing mail server port number (startTLS)