Program Updates

Applied Health Sciences - Kinesiology

Program Updates

 Timetable Revisions

KINE 2P97 will only be offered in D3.  The D2 section has been cancelled due to faculty committments. 

Course Information

KINE 4P12 applications are still being considered.  Please disregard the June 1st application date and apply as soon as possible.

New Courses Offered

There are new courses being offered this year for upper year students.

KINE 1P98 Musculoskeletal Anatomy

Overview of the musculoskeletal system including the anatomical features of bones and muscles, joint actions, skeletal and muscular movements, the spinal cord, and appendicular peripheral nerves and blood vessels.

Lectures, labs 3 hours per week.

Restriction: open to BPhEd, BPhEd (Honours)/BEd (Intermediate/Senior), BPhEd (Honours)/BEd (Junior/Intermediate), BKin and BSc(Kin) majors until date specified in Registration guide. Not open to HLSC and MSCI majors.

Completion of this course will replace previous assigned grade and credit obtained in PEKN 2P04 and HLSC (CHSC 2F95).

KINE 4P65 Physical Activity Counselling for Kinesiologists

Acquisition and development of motivational interviewing skills used by kinesiologists to optimize physical activity behaviour change.

Lectures, lab, 3 hours per week.

Restriction: open to BKin and BSc (Kin) majors until the date specified in the Registration guide. After that date open to BKin, BPhEd, BPhEd (Honours)/BEd (Intermediate/Senior), BPhEd (Honours)/BEd (Junior/Intermediate) and BSc (Kin) majors. Students must have a minimum of 13.0 overall credits.

Prerequisite(s): KINE (PEKN) 2P08 or permission of the instructor.

Note: KINE (PEKN) 3P85 recommended.

Courses Not Offered

KINE 2P01, KINE 3P65, KINE 3P95, KINE 3P96, KINE 4P04, KINE 4P40, KINE 4P52, KINE 4P60, KINE 4P70, and KINE 4P85

Changes to Program Requirements

Students entering in 2015 will have a revised program planner.  Upper year students please note, you need to follow the program requirements for the year you entered the program.  DO NOT follow the new program requirements. 

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