Tim Fletcher, PhD

Associate Professor, Kinesiology

Office: WC 280
905 688 5550 x6358

Prior to teaching in universities Tim taught high school health and physical education for five years. Current research focuses on how teachers implement pedagogies that support meaningful experiences for learners in physical education, highlighted in a recent co-edited text Meaningful Physical Education: An Approach to Guide Teaching and Learning (2021, Routledge) with Déirdre  Chróinín, Doug Gleddie and Stephanie Beni. He is also interested in various forms of practitioner research, particularly using self-study methodology. 

  • Pedagogies that promote meaningful physical education and youth sport
  • Professional learning in physical education and coach education
  • Occupational Socialization
  • Self-study of professional practice
  • Board of Directors: Ophea (2019- )
  • Editorial Board Member: Physical Education & Sport Pedagogy (2014- )
  • Editorial Board Member: Journal of Teaching in Physical Education (2016- )
  • Advisory Board Member: Agora para la educación física y el deporte/Agora for Physical Education and Sport (2017- )
  • Editorial Board Member: Curriculum Studies in Health and Physical Education (2018- )
  • Member: Association Internationale des Ecoles Superieures d’Education Physique/International Association for Physical Education in Higher Education (AIESEP)
  • Chair, PHE Canada Research Council

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  •  Physical Education
  • Games
  • Fundamental Movement Skills
  • Reflective Practice