Peter Tiidus, PhD

Dean, Faculty of Applied Health Sciences
Professor, Kinesiology

Office: AS 433
905 688 5550 x3385

I am currently the Dean of Applied Health Sciences and my involvement in research is limited to co-supervision of graduate students with other faculty. Prior to my appointment at Brock University in 2015, I was at Wilfrid Laurier University for 26 years as a professor, department chair and acting-Dean. In the first part of my career, I was also a faculty member at the University of Toronto for over 8 years. My teaching interests included, exercise physiology, muscle physiology and biochemistry as well as human nutrition. I have published approximately 90 scientific papers in peer reviewed academic journals and have given almost 30 invited scientific conference presentations as well as over 70 free communication conference presentations. I have also co-authored 2 books and numerous book chapters.

  • Effects of hormones such as estrogen on muscle damage, repair, strength and hypertrophy mechanisms using both animal and human models. This type of research has particular application health and muscle function in post-menopausal women.
  • I also have research interests in evaluation of the potential for various therapeutic modalities to influence muscle repair and recovery from unaccustomed exercise
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology
  • American College of Sports Medicine
  • American Physiological Society


Tiidus, P.M. A.R. Tupling and M.E. Houston, Biochemistry Primer for Exercise Science 4th edition, Human Kinetics Publishers, Champaign Illinois (ISBN-13: 978-0-7360-9605-8) p.312, 2012 (also published as an eBook)

Tiidus, P.M. (editor). Skeletal Muscle Damage and Repair Human Kinetics Publishers,
Champaign Illinois, (ISBN-13: 978-0-7360-5867-4) p. 352, 2008 (also published as an eBook)
(Korean translation ISBN 978-89-6154-196-1, 2015)


Book Chapters

Tiidus, P.M. Estrogen and menopause: Muscle damage, repair, and function in females. In A.C. Hackney, ed. Sex Hormones, Exercise and Women: Scientific and Clinical Aspects. Springer Science, New York, NY, 2017, pp. 71-86 (Invited Chapter)

Brown, M.B. and P.M. Tiidus. Sex hormone influenced differences in skeletal muscle responses to aging and exercise. In N.G. Neigh and M.M. Metzenfeld, eds. Sex Differences in Physiology, Elsevier Science; Academic Press, London UK, 2016 pp.167-180 (Invited Chapter)


Refereed Journals

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