The Department of Kinesiology at Brock is well-known Worldwide for its high-quality research and excellent teaching of all aspects of human movement and sports science.

Our Department:

We are a research-intensive department composed of 33 research-active faculty, including five past and present Canada Research Chairs, and with a remarkable international reputation that is second to none.

Our department continues to be ranked in the top 100 Kinesiology departments (i.e., Exercise and Sports Science) in the QS World University Rankings. This places us behind only 8 other Kinesiology departments in Canada (4 in Ontario) and ahead of the many other departments in the country. This reflects the excellent research output of our faculty members whose publications collectively generate almost 100,000 citations.

 We continue to be one of the top 10 in the Globe and Mail Kinesiology programs in Canada! We are ranked number 9 of 45 Kinesiology departments in Canada (4 in Ontario), reflecting the program’s excellent reputation to future employers and the success of our students with graduate applications.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to being the leading department in Canada in the promotion and dissemination of research and education in the science of human movement, exercise and sports through its activities and collaborations with local, provincial, national, and international communities.

Our Programs:

We offer courses that allow students to create, integrate and apply knowledge from the biosciences, social sciences, and humanities in the transdisciplinary study of human movement, exercise, and sports across the lifespan.

We have high expectations for student performance which has a combined emphasis on challenging intellectual/creative work and academic effort.

We offer enriched learning experiences gained through interactions with faculty members both within and outside the traditional classroom environment.

Our undergraduate students are involved in our research working closely with the graduate students to gain hands-on experience. Our senior undergraduate students are also encouraged to travel with our research teams and attend provincial and national events including scientific conferences.

We offer a range of strong research-based graduate programs (MA, MSc, PhD) and professional postgraduate programs (Master of Professional Kinesiology). Our graduate students are successful in obtaining National and Provincial Scholarships and Awards and are exposed to a variety of field and lab techniques (from cell culture to animal models and human studies) and populations (children, adults, older adults, athletes).

If you are considering a career in kinesiology or physical education, we have numerous experiential education opportunities that can help you develop the skills and competencies you will need to achieve your goals. We also have an active Kinesiology Student Association that will allow you to socialize, become involved with campus activities, participate in charity fundraising, and more.

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