Michael McAlpine, PhD

Senior Laboratory Demonstrator

Profile Place Holder

Office: WC 250


I earned my PhD in Applied Health Sciences (2020) from Brock University where my research focused on the potential of specific bioactives from tea to improve bone health throughout life. During my academic career I have gained extensive training in several physiological systems spanning across many different models including humans, rodents, insects, and cells. Currently, I am responsible for teaching the lab component of physiology courses in the department of kinesiology.  

-Improving bone health through nutritional interventions 
Nutrition during pregnancy and lactation 
-Early life programming 
-Nutrition for athletic performance 
-Exercise physiology 

  • Member of Canadian Nutrition Society 

-Physiological Responses to Physical Activity 
-Muscle Physiology and Exercise Metabolism 
-Cardiorespiratory and Environmental Exercise Physiology 

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