Panagiota (Nota) Klentrou, PhD, FCSEP

Professor and Chair, Kinesiology

Nota Klentrou

Office: WC 288A
905 688 5550 x4538

Dr. Klentrou is an exercise physiologist who uses applied and basic science approaches to study human performance and health implications of sport training in children and youth. Supported by NSERC, CIHR and various sports agencies, her current research is trying to identify the cellular mechanisms that explain how exercise and diet affect bone development and lifelong bone health. With >120 publicationsDr. Klentrou is a leader in her field, and involved with many health and sports organizations including Osteoporosis Canada, and the International Gymnastics Federation.  

  • Health, Training and Performance in Youth 
  • Bone Physiology 
  • Integrated inflammatory and bone responses to exercise and nutrition 
  • The role of adiposity and diet in skeletal growth, development and adaptation 
  • Sclerostin and tissue cross talk 


    • Former Chair and Fellow of the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP)
    • Member, Scientific Advisory Board, Osteoporosis Canada
    • Scientific Expert, Fédération International de Gymnastique (FIG)
    • Results Manager of all Gymnastics Events, 2015 Toronto PanAm Games and Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games
    • Member, North American Society of Pediatric Exercise Medicine (NASPEM)
    • Member, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM)
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  14. Theocharidis A, McKinlay B, Vlachopoulos D, Josse AR, Falk B, Klentrou P. Effects of post exercise protein supplementation on bone turnover in adolescent swimmers. J Int Soc Sports Nutr, 2020 []” Please delete all previously listed publications under PUBLICATIONS.
  • Human Systems Anatomy and Physiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Growth and Development
  • Fellow, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), 2020 
  • Marilyn Rose Graduate Leadership Award, 2017
  • Graduate students’ nominee for the Graduate Mentorship Award, 2013
  • Undergraduate Students’ nominee, TVO’s Best Lecturer competition, 2010
  • Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence Award, Brock University, 2009 Current Research Funding:
  • Award for Distinguished Research & Creative Activity, Brock University, 2006

Currently recruiting MSc and PhD students who are interested in exercise physiology with a particular interest in bone physiology and inflammation.

Currently recruiting undergraduate thesis students who are interested in exercise physiology with a particular interest in bone physiology and inflammation.