Wendy E. Ward, PhD

Interim Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies (primary); Professor, Kinesiology; Professor, Health Sciences; and Senior Research Fellow

Wendy E. Ward

905 688 5550 x5157

Within the Nutrition, Bone and Oral Health Research Group, her team’s overall research goal is to develop dietary strategies that help protect against osteoporosis, and to also understand how diet can be used to promote periodontal health. Using advanced imaging, biomechanical strength testing and biochemical analyses the team investigates how calcium and vitamin D, as well as novel foods and food components including flaxseed and its omega-3 fatty acid, fish oil, flavonoids in tea and citrus, and soy and its isoflavones impact bone health using preclinical models. Sex-specific responses are studied within these studies. These projects are funded by major government granting agencies (NSERC, CIHR, CFI). Clinical studies investigate how diet is associated with better periodontal health and healing outcomes after periodontal procedures.

Current research interests involve humans or experimental models to investigate the following areas: 

  • The mechanisms by which foods or bioactives in foods – including flavonoids present in tea or dietary estrogens such as flaxseed lignans or soy isoflavones, or specific fatty acids – modulate bone metabolism during challenges (i.e. during pregnancy and lactation, or during aging) 
  • How foods or food components promote oral health and healing after periodontal procedures 
  • Nutritional programming: Understanding how early life diet – including soy isoflavones, folic acid, vitamin D and protein – favourably programs bone and muscle metabolism 

Knowledge Mobilization: We are actively involved in knowledge mobilization activities for health professionals and lay audiences on topics related to nutrition and bone, oral/periodontal or women’s health through oral presentations, podcasts and print media

  • Editor in Chief, Applied Physiology, Nutrition and Metabolism (journal of the Canadian Nutrition Society, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology and Exercise and Sport Science Australia) 
  • Chair, Dietary Recommendations Working Group, for the Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Osteoporosis in Canada 
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Council, Osteoporosis Canada 
  • Member, Education Committee, Canadian Nutrition Society 
  • Member, Development Committee, Osteoporosis Canada

Dr. Ward’s team has published many peer-reviewed articles, invited reviews and book chapters on the topic of nutrition and health, with particular emphasis on the use of nutritional interventions to support both bone and periodontal health. For a full listing of peer-reviewed publications, see the link weblink: 

Google Scholar

Trainees at all levels are actively involved in the research program and are integral to its success (denoted by *). 



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We have conducted studies characterizing changes in bone structure during the lifespan or after ovariectomy, and, studying specific methodological aspects of in vivo micro computed tomography for application in longitudinal trials studying diet and/or drug interventions to support bone health. 

 *Villa CR, *Sacco SM, Chen J, Taibi A, Comelli EM, Ward WE. Effect of low vitamin D fed prior to and during pregnancy and lactation on maternal bone mineral density, structure and strength in C57BL/6 mice. Current Developments in Nutrition. 5(10):nzab114, 2021.  

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  • Optimizing Health Through Nutrition
  • Micronutrients for Bone Strength
  • Knowledge Mobilization for Health Researchers

Osteoporosis Canada Backbone Award, for significant and exceptional impact made as a volunteer for Osteoporosis Canada, 2021 

Senior Research Fellow 2022-2027

Canadian Nutrition Society Volunteer Leadership Award, for significant contributions to activities of the Canadian Nutrition Society and its mission to promote the health of Canadians through nutrition, 2020 

Graduate Mentorship Award, Faculty of Graduate Studies, Brock University. A student nominated award to recognize excellence in graduate student supervision and mentorship, 2016 

 Canada Research Chair in Bone and Muscle Development (Tier 2), Government of Canada, 2011-2022