The profession of Nursing is a practice-based, where students need to meet high clinical standards and be accountable for their practice.

Brock University’s nursing program is known for its rigorous curriculum, knowledgeable faculty and demanding standards.

At Brock, knowledge learned in the classroom is integrated with clinical practice  beginning in our nursing students’ first year.

By placing our students in hospital settings and working with community throughout the entire program, there is an added level of quality and familiarity, which provides students every opportunity to excel.

Our nursing graduates leave Brock with a well-regarded reputation for excellence and also have the knowledge and skills to be health care leaders in Niagara, and beyond.

Our new teaching facility provides Brock nursing students with an even better advantage in developing the necessary skills to be successful in their careers.
These spaces include a:

  • Simulation lab
  • Clinical lab
  •  Isolated room for critical care training
  • Primary health care office
  • Debrief room, and a
  • Community apartment for training our students in nursing home visits.

Each space has been carefully designed to nurture student learning in a safe environment with state-of-the-art teaching facilities.

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