Campus Promotions

Student Life and Success is responsible for administering the campus promotions procedures. These procedures regulate all public areas on campus with the exception of faculty or department bulletin boards. They apply to all Brock University students, personnel, and the general public.

Students, personnel, recognized student and university organizations may have a sign publicly posted on University property if it’s consistent with the procedures outlined in the Campus Promotions Policy.

campus promotions approvals

BU4U Student Service hub
(Thistle box office)

8:30 A.M. – 4:30 P.M.


Only Brock students and official University departments or units may promote on campus.

Non-Brock entities must be working in partnership and be reasonably associated with an official Brock department, professor or recognized student organization, and have all materials endorsed by said partner. Endorsement slips are available at the BU4U Student Service Hub (Thistle) or online (PDF)

A maximum number of posters per service, initiative, activity, or event will be authorized based on the number of posters, as outlined below:

Number of Posters1 - 56 -1011 - 2020 - 30
Days Posted5628147

Posters will expire one (1) day after the event occurs (if applicable) regardless of the number.

An organization/group may have up to three (3) different sets of posters approved and posted at any given time; or a combination of posters not greater than three (3) times the poster limit based on the days posted (as noted in the chart above).

For example, if an organization would like to hang posters for three different initiatives for 14 days, they may have up to 60 posters approved at once.

A maximum of one (1) poster for any service, initiative, activity, or event is permitted in each bulletin board area at one time (see Campus Bulletin Boards section below) .

There are 27 areas with campus bulletin boards located across campus.

Campus boards are identified by a white Brock University Campus Promotions sign in the top right-hand corner of the board.

For a list and photos of the campus bulletin boards, please see the Board Locations

The following advertising will not be approved and is not permitted anywhere on-campus:

  1. Materials containing commercial solicitation
  2. Materials advertising rental accommodations
    • Individuals interested in advertising a rental property can do so at
  3. Materials advertising off-campus employment opportunities
    • Individuals wishing to advertise off-campus employment opportunities can visit for more information.
      Brock University on-campus student, staff and faculty positions are allowed and must abide by all regular posting regulations.
  4. Materials that are in violation of any University policy
    • This includes but is not limited to the Alcohol policy which prohibits the advertisement of the following activities: drinking games, free drink offers, keg parties, price specials on alcoholic drinks, the sale of tickets that provide access to an unspecified number of alcoholic beverages, self-serve or unlimited bars, and underage consumption of alcohol.
  5. Materials containing:
    • Trademarks
    • Reference to drugs
    • Obscene, pornographic, vulgar, libelous, racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise disrespectful references

Banners are only permitted in the Thistle banner boxes. Banners cannot be hung on the walls or ceilings or in any other location on-campus.

The banner boxes in Thistle are 23” wide by 82” long.

Only one banner per event or service can be submitted for approval and may be posted at a time. Due to limited space, an organization/group may only have two (2) different sets of banners approved and posted at any given time (exceptions can be made if space is available).

Banners can be posted for a maximum of 28 days. Banners may be re-submitted after the 28 days have expired; however, due to the limited space available, priority will be given to new banners.

You can email if you would like to ensure a spot is available for your banner prior to printing your banner.

Banners must be approved in accordance with the Campus Promotions Policy and Procedures and will be hung by Student Life and Success. Once expired, the banner will be removed and returned to the BU4U Student Service Hub. Once removed, banners will be held for up to one week before being recycled.

For full details please see the Campus Promotions Policy.

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