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Etherpad lite allows you to edit documents collaboratively in real-time with your students, colleagues or peers. It functions as a rich text editor within your web-browser that can be used without the installation of any additional software.

Any Faculty or Staff member at Brock University can create new Etherpads (or pads). Additionally anyone who is given the location of the pad and the password (if enabled) can access and edit the document without the need for a Brock University Campus ID login.

Etherpads are simple and effective way to collaborate on documents.

To create a new pad:

  1. Navigate to and login with your CampusID.
  2. Choose “Request an Etherpad”
  3. Enter the name you’d like to give your new pad as well as an optional password for extra security
  4. Click “Create Pad”
  5. Click on the prepared link to start using your new pad.

To modify the setting on an existing pad:

  1. Navigate to and login with your CampusID.
  2. Choose “Access existing pads you created” at the bottom of the page under “Etherpad Options”
  3. Double click a cell in the “Pad Name” or “Password” columns to edit it. Enter saves your changes.

Add Etherpads to Isaak/Sakai

Etherpads can be added to any Isaak/Sakai site by contacting the CPI. Future plans involve making adding Etherpads as simple as adding any other tool to Isaak/Sakai sites.

Example Video

Example of multiple users collaboratively editing one document. Each colour denotes a different user. Note that multiple users are able to modify the document at the same time.


A wiki is a collaborative website which can be directly edited by anyone with access to it.
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