Curriculum design

While many learn about the Degree Level Expectations during the Academic Review Process, designing your curricula by examining your learning outcomes and mapping curriculum is a departmental exercise that can be done at any time. CPI is available to facilitate departments through this process as part of a curricular renewal or re-imagination.

At the course level, CPI offers Course Design Workshops and Consultations. The course outline template can be a useful tool that ensures inclusion of all required and recommended aspects of your course outline but also to assist in the pedagogical considerations when designing your course.

What are the DLES? 

“The Undergraduate Degree Level Expectations (UDLEs) and Graduate University Degree Level Expectations (GDLEs) represent the threshold level skills and knowledge Ontario students must demonstrate in order to successfully complete their programs. The Degree Level Expectations form an integral part of Ontario’s Quality Assurance Framework, which establishes the protocols for the approval of new undergraduate and graduate programs and the review of existing programs at publicly assisted universities”.

What are the Brock DLES? 

Brock University has adopted the 6 DLES as established by OCAV. See the UDLES and GDLES on the Brock VP Academic website.

Faculties may also identify Faculty specific DLES as an opportunity to articulate outcomes and learning experiences specific to particular disciplines. Visit the CPI Curriculum resource page for more information.

CPI is available to facilitate curriculum mapping retreats, sessions, or consultations with faculties, departments, or individual members.

In partnership with the Experiential Education team, CPI supports efforts to integrate experiential education opportunities into courses and across programs at the undergraduate and graduate level.

The Faculty Guidebook on Experiential Education is a resource to faculty and instructors who want to explore experiential education as a teaching and learning practice.

Course outlines set out the expectations of the instructor in terms of the anticipated learning outcomes and they allow students to determine whether they can reasonably meet those expectations. To that end, there are a number of required components that must be on all Brock University course syllabi. Instructors are then welcome to add departmental or discipline specific information.

CPI hosts the Course Outline Template on our website at: