Experiential Education Showcase

The Experiential Education Showcase will bring together Brock community to highlight and share the innovative course-based experiential education that is being fostered across the university.

When: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 – 1:30-4:15pm

Where: Market Hall, St. Catharines campus

All members of the Brock community are welcome!

About the Showcase

The Experiential Education Showcase brings together faculty, instructors, students, and staff who are committed to fostering experiential education at Brock. Learn more about the innovative experiential education courses that are happening across all Faculties, hear from faculty and students about their experiences, and gain insights into how experiential education can support learning.



Location: ST 103

1:40-2:25pm – SESSION 1:

  • Enhancing Service-Learning through Search Engine Campaigns: Planning, Implementing & Benefiting: Kai-Yu Wang, Goodman School of Business, MKTG 4P93
  • Site Exploration for a Spot for Development International Field Course: Laura Cousens, Sport Management, SPMA 4P93
  • Integrating Career Curriculum into Experiential Courses: Marisa Brown & Kara Renaud, CCEE

2:35-3:20PM – SESSION 2:

  • Benefits of a University-Community Rural Land Use Planning Partnership: Christopher Fullerton, Geography & Tourism Studies, GEOG/TOUR 4F99
  • Service-Learning in an Introductory Accounting Course: Staci Kenno, Goodman School of Business, ACTG 1P02
  • Exploring Guatemalan Indigenous Education & Culture: Experiencing Mayan Communities: Michael O’Sullivan, Faculty of Education, EDUC 4P36/5P98

3:30-4:14PM – SESSION 3:

  • Reflections on the Implementation of EE at the Masters Level: Ryan Plummer & Amanda Smits, Environmental Sustainability Research Centre, SSAS 5P01
  • Adding Value to Students and Community Partners through the I-EQUIP EE Course: Madelyn Law, Health Science,
  • Student Perceptions of Service Learning: Does Experience Matter? Glenn Skrubbeltrang, Goodman School of Business, ACTG 3P23



TIME: 1:30-4:15PM

Join students, faculty and staff to learn more about the EE learning activities, projects, and assignments in:

  • IASC 4L00 – Team-based Media Design & Production Project
  • SPMA 1P94 – Sport Industry Professional Development Conference
  • RECL 4F22 – Therapeutic Recreation Practicum
  • VISA 1P20/2P27 – Introduction to Digital Photography Field Experience & Speaker Series
  • KINE 4P02 – SNAP Service Learning Placements
  • MATH 1P98 – Practical Statistics Experiential Case Studies
  • HLSC 4P80 – Physical Activity in Child Health Community Consulting & Knowledge Translation Projects
  • EDUC 5P96 – International Educational Development Field Experience
  • KINE 4P01 – Digital Human Modelling for Interactive Ergonomic Assessments
  • CLAS 3F75/4V86/5V86 – Marzamemi Maritime Heritage International Field Experience
  • RECL 4P05 – Community Recreation Planning Projects
  • EDUC 4P36/5P98 – Guatemalan Indigenous Education & Culture International Field Experience
  • RECL/HLSC/GEOG/TOUR/EDUC Internships – Partnerships with the Niagara Catholic Outdoor Education Program at St. Kateri
  • Library Makerspace – Leveraging the Makerspace for Learning
  • Co-op Education – Student Pathways & Faculty Partnerships




2021 Canada Summer Games Curriculum & Course Partnership Opportunities

Julie Stevens, Special Advisor to the President


Teaching & Learning Innovation Grants for EE

Sandy Howe, Associate Director of EE & Jill Grose, Director of CPI


Learning & Reflection Assignments & Assessment

Jennifer Kopczinski, Educational Developer, CPI