Ehsan Nayeri 2021 Graduate TA Award

Ehsan Nayeri

Ehsan Nayeri, Goodman School of Business. 2021 Graduate TA Award Winner

Ehsan Nayeri is a Masters of Science in Management student in the Goodman School of Business. Ehsan has held a TA role in several courses within the Goodman School of Business including: ITIS1P97 (Data Analysis & Business Modelling), OPER2P91 (Introductions to Operations Management), MBAB5P13 (Database Management Systems), and MBAB5P20 (Applied Business Research).

As a TA Ehsan has worked to create a teaching and learning environment that is productive and welcoming. For Ehsan such a teaching and learning environment is, at its core, dialogical is central: “I always benefit from the generative and reciprocal nature of teaching and learning through teaching. I deliberately use real-world examples grounded in my practitioner experience for as many cases as I can in the class. Leading class discussions and reflect[ing] on the contrary opinions of students are always fruitful to me.”


“Ehsan skillfully exploits his strong managerial and teaching background. While many times it is difficult to judge TA performance when not in direct sight, the comments by students especially this term in the message boards make me believe that he tries to maintain a friendly climate in the class by leading students to ask, suggest, discuss, and share their opinions, experiences, and concerns.”

“What marks Ehsan out from other students in his role is the ability to be effective in almost every aspect and responsibility associated with university pedagogy.”