STEAM trend gaining traction at Brock

While science and art may seem worlds apart, one enthusiast of the two fields has found a new place to combine them — at Brock University.

Brock Science Mentorship Program participant Lauren Kelly is passionate about science and discovery, but also has a love for art. Finding a university program that allows her to combine these interests has been a top priority for the 17-year-old Chippawa native as her high school graduation draws near. Her time in Brock’s mentorship program helped Kelly to find her future path — a double major in Physics and Visual Arts at the University.

The unique combination is an example of a growing trend known as STEAM — science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics.

Brock’s long-running Science Mentorship Program is designed for students who are highly interested in science, demonstrate significant scientific curiosity and are capable of working independently. Along with on-campus orientations and workshops, participants are paired with mentors who conduct research in a subject area of interest to the student. The partnership offers the unique opportunity to pursue a real-life scientific investigation in a university environment.

Knowledge of her artistic background led Kelly to be paired with Physics Professor Edward Sternin, who helped her to work on a project that incorporated creative elements. She designed a new web page for the Physics department to visually highlight professors’ research.


The experience gave Kelly the opportunity to learn more about video editing and coding. The result is a more dynamic, realistic and approachable view on graduate student life that seamlessly combines both scientific and artistic elements.

On a more personal level, the experience led to Kelly’s decision to come to Brock.

“Before, university seemed very foreign, but now a lot of my old fears and uncertainties have vanished,” she said. “I am familiar and comfortable with the university setting. I have also been introduced to many great opportunities and have learned about the facilities and resources here at Brock.”


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