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Events & Services


Events make it possible for students to enjoy themselves outside of their studies, while at the same time socialize with people who share their academic interests. 
Students who come out to ESA events gain confidence in their place within the Brock English community which helps  students to succeed. Students can also volunteer at ESA events which looks great on any resume! 

Friday, April 4, 2014  pm at 7:00 pm
Fine Grind Cafe, downtown St. Catharines

Do you have a favourite poem? Do you want to broaden your scope of authors?  Do you want to enjoy an evening of poetry with your peers?  Come on out to Poetry Out Loud!  Students from all disciplines are welcome to attend.  Hope to see you there! 


The ESA is committed to making the very important connection between the students and the department in various ways through our events and services, giving students the chance to make a wide variety of connections within their field of study - from friends to professors alike.  The various services we provide are there to help students succeed in their degree, both academically and socially too!  Here's a list of what we do for you:

1. Essay Clinics - Click here for the Essay Clinic Hours.
- Run four times weekly (with the schedule changing each semester), this service is there to give upper year students the chance to hone their essay writing skills and gain volunteer experience through our specialized training workshop, and experience with the editing process.  It also gives all students the chance to strengthen their essay writing skills through this peer editing process. Come see us and we'll help you out!

We fund raise so that we're able to host events for students to raise money for charity and also to fund our scholarship, the ESA Book Prize, which is awarded to a graduating English student each year.


We greatly appreciate your support in our fundraising efforts!