Essay Writing Clinics

Essay ClinicS

DayTimeRoom #
Monday1400-1600WH 305
Wednesday1530-1700MC C300
Friday1100-1300GLB 111

Essay Clinic Policy

This policy is to outline appropriate interactions between Essay Clinic workers and customers in relation to the service provided. Essay Clinics are a service provided by Brock University English Students Association (ESA) wherein the employee edits the customers’ essays.  “Employee” refers to the executive or student volunteer that provides the editing service and “customer” refers to the student seeking the Essay Clinic services.

Failing to comply with this policy may result in a violation of Brock University’s Academic Integrity Policy. More information can be found on Brock’s Academic Integrity website. Any student, employee or customer, in violation of the Academic Integrity Policy is responsible for their own actions and will be subject to punishment under that same policy. The ESA will not be held responsible for any individual who acts outside of the Essay Clinic Policy or the Academic Integrity Policy.