Graduate Student Associates

All students registered in graduate programmes in the Faculty of Humanities are eligible to apply for Graduate Student Associate status in the Humanities Research Institute (HRI).

Graduate Student Associates will receive announcements of and invitations to HRI symposia and special events, as well as invitations to events and workshops geared towards graduate students. Graduate Student Associates will also have the opportunity to apply for HRI funding to support travel to present at professional conferences. This funding process is competitive, and a student in an MA programme may receive funding only once in the duration of his/her programme; a student in a PhD programme may receive the funding twice.

To apply for Graduate Student Associate status in the HRI, please submit the following, electronically (one document in pdf format), to the HRI (

  1. A letter of application, including name, department and programme, and e-mail address
  2. An endorsement from a faculty member in the home unit
  3. A curriculum vitae (use SSHRC curriculum vitae or the format found here) — Notes on constructing a curriculum vitae.
  4. A research plan

While applications for Graduate Student Associate status may be submitted at any time, adjudication will take place only twice per year. The deadlines for adjudication are October 15 and February 1.

Graduate Student Associate Travel Assistance

Funding is available on a competitive basis to provide support for Graduate Student Associates of the Humanities Research Institute (HRI) to travel to professional conferences to present their research.

Up to six grants of $300 each will be made each year to Graduate Student Associates who have had papers accepted to professional scholarly conferences. Travel to present at graduate student conferences will not be supported. Students in M.A. programmes may receive HRI travel funding once during their programme. Students in PhD programmes may receive funding twice.

Applications may be submitted for conference travel that has already taken place, provided that it has happened within the same academic year (July 1st to June 30th) as the application submission.

Students who have completed all requirements for their degrees may submit applications for conference travel that takes place within the same academic year as their degree completion.

Applications for conference travel funding must include the following:

  1. Details of the conference, including title, dates, location, and the name of the organizing body
  2. Confirmation of paper acceptance
  3. The abstract that was submitted
  4. A curriculum vitae (use SSHRC curriculum vitae or the format found here) — Notes on constructing a curriculum vitae.
  5. A detailed budget
  6. A statement of other sources of revenue held or applied for

Applications should be sent electronically (one document in pdf format) to the HRI ( by
March 1.