Martin Danahay


PhD Brandeis
2018 Chancellor’s Chair Award for Teaching Excellence

Office: GLA 129
905 688 5550  x5203 

Twitter: @MartinDanahay

Teaching Areas: Victorian Literature and Culture, neo-Victorian studies (especially steampunk), Masculinities, Digital Humanities.

I was hired to teach Victorian Literature and Culture, but I have many, diverse research interests. Most recently I have been publishing on steampunk in the “Journal of Neo-Victorian Studies” on issues of gender and the use of postindustrial spaces and objects. My new are of research in war studies has resulted in a forthcoming monograph from the Rutgers University Press “War Culture” series entitled “War Without Bodies: Framing Death from the Crimean to the Iraq War” (2022).

My publications include Gender at Work in Victorian Culture: Literature, Art and Masculinity and  A Community of One: Masculine Autobiography and Autonomy in Nineteenth Century Britain (SUNY Press, 1993) as well as a number of articles in Victorian literature and culture. I have edited the Broadview Press editions of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1999) and The War of the Worlds (2003).

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Martin Danahay is taking his online teaching approach to a new level.

The Brock University Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature is hosting one of his Winter Term courses in a 3D classroom using virtual reality (VR) technology.

The class, WRDS/IASC/GAME 3P15 Writing for New Media, is part of Danahay’s ongoing work to introduce VR components into teaching.

Read more about this learning experience here!