Natalee Caple

Assistant Professor

PhD University of Calgary

Office: GLA 153
905 688 5550  x3155

Teaching Area: Creative Writing

Natalee Caple wrote a critical-creative thesis for her PhD dissertation. The creative portion of her thesis was a novel in the Western genre taking up Hélène Cixous’s challenge to each woman writer to disrupt the logocentricism of traditional narratives and to “insert herself into the text – as into the world and into history – by her own movement.” Caple’s novel, In Calamity’s Wake, inserts a female anti-hero into the traditionally masculine narrative of the hero’s journey: a woman from Alberta hunts across the badlands of Alberta and South Dakota for the mother who gave her up for adoption – the famous cross-dressing frontierswoman Calamity Jane.

The novel is accompanied by a critical exegesis that contextualizes Caple’s work in terms of Canadian literature, metahistoriographic fiction, and feminist criticism. Caple’s current research includes an interdisciplinary study of Indigenous women heroes that will culminate in a series of graphic novels supported by teaching texts, digital archives, and critical materials, and a literary novel about women pirates. Ongoing interests include contemporary women’s writing, Canadian literature, the Western genre, Slipstream fiction, and feminist theory.

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iROBOT Theatre at the Art Box: A Swallow-A-Bicycle Theatre Collective original production. Calgary: 20113.
September 11-22, 2013.

iROBOT Theatre: A Swallow-A-Bicycle Theatre Collective original production.Calgary: 2011. June 17-25, 2011.

iROBOT Unplugged: A Swallow-A-Bicycle Theatre Collective original production.Calgary: 2011. October 21-22, 2011.