English Students’ Association

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On this website you will find information everything you need to know about the English Students’ Association (ESA): its reason for being, membership, professional development, and events. The ESA is a great way to get involved on campus, gain some volunteer experience for your resume, and meet new people.

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What is the ESA?

The ESA is an association run by and for the students of the English Department at Brock University. We are dedicated to creating a valuable experience for students at Brock, inside and outside of the English Department, through opportunities that will help improve their academic, social, and professional lives.

As a BUSU ratified club, a low membership fee will set each year. Paid membership grants you free admission to any events and workshops hosted throughout the year.

Our goal is to prepare students for future success, and we aim to do this by:

  1. Connecting students with peers, alumni, professionals, and the English Department.
  2. Providing students with tools for success through services offered by ESA members and volunteers, including collaboration with other departments, clubs, and organizations on- and off-campus.
  3. Creating a sense of community among English students and department faculty through networking opportunities designed to bridge the gap between students and professors.
  4. Assisting various community initiatives with similar mandates through fundraising and other involvement opportunities.

We want to help make your academic and social life the best that it can be during your time at Brock University. To that end, we host events of all sorts in an attempt to bridge the gap between both worlds. We’re committed to creating a valuable experience for English students that will help with future career and academic endeavours through our events, services, and fundraising initiatives!

Who is the ESA?

The ESA has three levels of membership, which is open to every Brock student.

General Membership:

Any undergraduate student may be a general member of the ESA.  Only undergraduate students will have voting rights on the ESA, although associate non-voting members are allowed.

Committee Membership:

Committee members are the wonderful people who volunteer their time, enthusiasm, energy, and creativity, to help make our events the successes they always are.  Commitment at this level is up to the volunteer and is based on individual course loads and other extra-curricular involvements.  We appreciate your help when you can offer it.

Committee members typically assist the Executive team with Essay Clinics, a free peer review service offered by the ESA.

All of the time you dedicate to the ESA is tracked on your Experience Plus transcript. Learn more about Experience Plus on this website.


The Executive, consisting of a President and a team of Vice-Presidents, are members of the Committee as well. They not only help to run events, but plan them too.  The Executive has access to faculty, staff, equipment, funds, and are the ones making the final decisions for the association with input from the Committee and General Membership.

Involvement and input is possible at every level through open meetings and also filling out surveys at events or online at the end of each semester.

ESA Constitution

More information about our club structure and membership.

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