Gregory Betts


Office: GLA 131
905 688 5550  x5318

Undergraduate Officer, Department of English Language & Literature (2023-present)
Associate Director, Social Justice Research Institute (2021-2023)
President, Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English (2020-2022)
Craig Dobbin Chair of Canadian Studies, University College Dublin (2018-2019)
Chancellor’s Chair for Research Excellence (2014-2017)
PhD, York University (2005)

Teaching Areas: Canadian Modernism, Indigenous Literatures, Avant-garde and Experimental Literature

In my research and teaching, I explore the representation of revolution, insurrection, dislocation, and linguistic error in Canadian and Indigenous literature. I am interested in the use of imported avant-garde techniques by Canadian writers, and the invention of new approaches to writing by the same. This approach addresses the movement of culture, especially across borders, and the ultimate or intended impact of new cultural forms. My first SSHRC-funded monograph, Avant-Garde Canadian Literature: The Early Manifestations (University of Toronto Press 2013), documented diverse examples of the kind up until the 1960s.

My next SSHRC-funded research monograph, Finding Nothing: The VanGardes, 1959-1975, explores subsequent manifestations of intermedia avant-garde art and literature in Vancouver. Working with two of my doctoral students (Andrew McEwan and Julia Polyck-O’Neill), we organized a conference called “The Concept of Vancouver”, which developed into a special issue of the journal Canadian Literature. The book was awarded the Basil Stuart-Stubbs Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Book on British Columbia and the Gabrielle Roy Prize, which honours the best work of scholarship on literature produced in Canada.

My archival research ends up uncovering various lost literary treasures. Consequently, I have become heavily involved in editing and publishing critical and scholarly editions of overlooked or under-imagined experimental texts. My most recent example of this is a critical edition of They Have Bodies by Barney Allen (published by University of Ottawa Press, 2020), Canada’s first avant-garde novel that was instantly censored by city police and disappeared completely until this edition.

Recently, I have been awarded another SSHRC Insight Grant to produce a monograph on the Canadian avant-garde poet bpNichol. This work will result in a book, a symposium, and an update for the Digital Archive that I curate.

Finding Nothing: The VanGardes, 1959-1975. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2021. 392 p.

  • Winner of the 2022 Basil-Stuart Stubbs Book Prize for Outstanding Scholarly Book on British Columbia
  • Winner of the 2022 Gabrielle-Roy Prize

Avant-Garde Canadian Literature: The Early Manifestations. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2013. 328 p.

  • Short-listed Finalist for the 2014 Gabrielle-Roy Prize

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I am the curator of the Digital Archive, a co-investigator of the SSHRC-funded SpokenWeb research partnership, and a founding co-applicant of the SSHRC-funded Editing Modernism in Canada Strategic Knowledge Cluster. I also sit on the Fulbright National Adjudication Committee, the Aid to Scholarly Publication Program Adjudication Committee, and the Faculty Steering Committee of the Social Justice Research Institute at Brock. Finally, I am a poet with seven books out, including the forthcoming Sweet Forme: Shake-Speare’s Perfect Sonnets, which are a series of digital sonic translations of Shakespeare’s 1609 sonnet collection. The book will be published by Apothecary Archive Press in Australia in summer 2020.

I welcome undertaking student supervisions on topics in Canadian and avant-garde literature, archives and theories of information, cross-border comparative studies, modernism, Indigenous literatures, and intermedial studies of adaptations.

Current and Forthcoming Titles