Course offerings

Proposed Course Offerings Beginning Fall of 2019-2020 (Note: subject to change)

Transnational, Hemispheric, and Diasporic Spaces of Freedom

Exploration of the literature and culture of the United States in the nineteenth century with a focus on racial, critically cosmopolitan, and hemispheric conceptions of space and nation. Consideration of the theoretical impact of geographic space on critical conceptions of the nation, and how authors imagine and experience free communities in the Pacific, New Orleans and the “global south,” Europe, Canada, Cuba, and Africa.

Metabolic Poetics

Examines expanded approaches to reading and writing in contemporary poetry, particularly as these intersect with science and the concept of the Anthropocene.

ENGL 5V73 
Trauma Theory

Introduction to the history of trauma theory and overview of current trends in the field. Texts by Sigmund Freud, Cathy Caruth, Marianne Hirsch, Dominic La Capra, Ruth Leys and Roger Luckhurst.

Protest/Resistance: Feelings, Opinions, Arguments, Acts

Examines the discursive topography of protest/resistance through figures such as the protester, the police, the sovereign subject, and public space. Will explore the politics, histories, geographies, arguments and practices enacted in texts such as Sara Ahmed’s Willful Subjects, Sophocles Antigone, the writings of anti-lynching activist/journalist, Ida B. Wells, and contemporary images circulated transnationally on social media platforms.

Professional Skills and Development

Topics such as the nature of graduate studies, pedagogy, advanced research skills and resources, the development of research and grant proposals, career preparation, and preparation for conference presentations and publishing.

Theoretical Foundations

Survey and critical analysis of a broad range of theories bearing on the relation of literary texts to cultural formations.