The Department of English Language & Literature offers a number of undergraduate degree options.

English Language & Literature

The Honours degree in English Language and Literature is the option that the majority of our students pursue. It offers students a wide range of courses in different historical periods, genres, and theoretical approaches. Its list requirements mean that students are well prepared for graduate studies in English (see calendar and list courses links below). Literature degrees are also available as three-year Pass degrees or as Combined degrees with another area of study (Honours or Pass available).

English & Creative Writing

Combines study in English literature with workshop and lecture courses designed to give students practical experience in creative writing as well as study in the social and theoretical aspects of creative writing. Students planning to proceed to training for intermediate or secondary school teaching are advised to include in their Honours English and Creative Writing program three credits in a second teachable discipline. Prospective students to the English and Creative Writing program must submit a portfolio in the Winter term of their first year. See Department for further details on portfolio requirements and due dates.

Writing, Rhetoric, & Discourse Studies

Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse Studies (WRDS) is a cross disciplinary program that focuses on the theory and practice of situated discursive production. It incites students to critically examine and produce texts as provocative historical, theoretical, and material objects. In other words, the WRDS Program invites students to explore the ways that—as government officials, hip-hop stars, journalists, bloggers, editors, talk show hosts, or private individuals writing letters to editors—writers change the world.


The Chair of the Department, Professor Tim Conley, is happy to answer questions about any of our undergraduate degree options.