There are many awards, bursaries, and prizes available to students in the Department of English Language & Literature. Some specific to particular programs, and some open to all students. Some of these awards require applications through the Student Awards office; for some, students are automatically considered for the award according to various eligibility requirements; two prizes require that students submit essays.

Student awards

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Competition awards

Please note that there are two awards for which the Department runs an annual competition:

Carole LaMothe Memorial English Essay Prize

The Carole LaMothe Memorial English Essay Prize is open to students in our department’s second-, third-, and fourth-year courses; students submit a marked copy of an essay from one of the courses they have taken to the Department for consideration (multiple entries are possible).

First-Year English Essay Prize

The First-Year English Essay Prize is open to students in any of our first-year courses; students submit an essay from their first-year course to the contest.

Look for announcements about the the Carole LaMothe Memorial English Essay Prize and the First-Year English Essay Prize in late March; the deadline for submissions is usually in late April or early May.

Award recipients

Congratulations to:

Tayah Clarke 2018 recipient of Carole Lamothe Memorial Essay Price
Mikayla Dickinson 2018 recipient of the First-Year English Essay Prize

Andrew Power 2017 recipient of the Carole Lamothe Memorial Essay Prize
Meghan Hickey 2017 recipient of the First-Year English Essay Prize