BEd in Aboriginal Adult Education

Faculty of Education

BEd in Aboriginal Adult Education

First and foremost, this is a community-based adult education that eliminates the need to travel long distances to go to school. This program is completed on a part-time basis, allowing you to stay employed and take care of your family's needs. The program is also designed to address the unique circumstances of the Aboriginal adult learner and includes:

  • Advanced standing for existing Native institute diplomas, university degrees and college diplomas.
  • Small class sizes that acknowledge Aboriginal learning preferences.
  • Cultural protocols are embedded in the learning experience.
  • Trained Aboriginal facilitators who will work with you and your fellow learners throughout the program.
  • Culturally specific support services to assist you over the rough spots.
  • Curriculum that balances Aboriginal ways of knowing with the mainstream way of knowing.
  • A degree that is recognized by Aboriginal communities as well as the mainstream.
  • Site facilitators that are from our communities.

The five courses ABED 4F84, ABED 4F85, ABED 4F86, ABED 4F87 and ABED 4F88 are offered consecutively by our facilitator over five semesters (fall, winter, spring, fall, winter) within your own community. The full degree requires you to complete 15 full credits. The Certificate Program requires that you complete the five core courses for 5 full credits. Each course carries the value of one full university credit. The cost of each course is $1,050 CDN (as of May 2011). The additional 10 credits may be picked up either through your existing education (advanced standing) or through a Letter of Permission (LOP) from any university in Ontario.

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