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Goodman School of Business

About Us

Our Vision

The Goodman School of Business at Brock University provides undergraduate, graduate, and professional education that transforms our students into innovative, articulate, and ethical citizens for the global business environment, creates and disseminates research of value to our stakeholders, and serves and enhances our communities.

Our Mission

  • To provide an educational environment that encourages and facilitates innovation and excellence in research, teaching and service
  • To support research that advances business scholarship and contributes to the betterment of society
  • To deliver comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs that integrate applied and theoretical approaches to business and society in all facets of business administration and accounting
  • To help students develop the breadth and depth of knowledge, intellectual flexibility, and skills necessary for successful professional careers that are socially responsible
  • To offer excellent extramural and placement opportunities and engage in international and corporate strategic alliances that provide value to both students and the broader stakeholder community       

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