Early indicators of potential applicants particularly strong for FMS

Early indicators of potential applicants for Ontario universities this fall are showing some strong signals for Brock.

It will be months before universities have a clear expectation of September enrolment, but the first round of data shows Brock’s numbers up by more than five per cent over 2017 in terms of Ontario Grade 12 students putting Brock among their top choices of universities to attend this fall.

Figures released Monday, Jan. 22 by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) show the number of Ontario Secondary School applications to Brock is currently 15,534, an increase of 773 from a year ago.

The OUAC report shows Brock gained 5.2 per cent more applications from Ontario Secondary School students, and a 1.4 per cent increase in the volume of Ontario Secondary students selecting Brock as their first choice institution  — an increase in Brock’s marketshare.

The OUAC report does not include applications from outside Canada, outside Ontario, nor students transferring to Brock from other institutions.

Overall, Brock has received 17,768 applications to date, an increase of 1,290 (7.8 per cent) over the same time last cycle, providing a strong indicator that Brock is a top choice in a fiercely competitive market.

This year’s early indicators for Brock are particularly strong for the Faculty of Mathematics and Science, the Faculty of Social Science and the Goodman School of Business.

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