Brock University Tutoring

Brock University Tutoring’s team of qualified Brock student tutors help students reach their academic goals through one-to-one subject specific support.

  • Pay-per-hour service
  • Available to both Brock students and community clients
  • Student-to-student mentoring
  • Leadership and employment opportunity for successful undergrad Brock students
  • Employs approximately 80 Brock student tutors per year

Our Brock student tutors are professionally trained, earn good grades, and possess exceptional communication skills for helping other students find their own success.

What we offer

  • Well-trained and experienced university student tutors
  • A free initial assessment
  • Affordable learning solutions
  • Individualized one-to-one tutoring sessions
  • Help at any level from elementary to post-secondary
  • Student-to-student leadership and mentoring

Our advantage

  • We are a university service with strong community involvement
  • We’re experienced – we deal with thousands of students every year
  • Our academic support is responsive to each student’s needs
  • Our professional staff have many years of experience in the education sector

Tutor Pricing

Level Price
Brock Courses $25/hr

Note: You may be eligible for one or more free hours of tutoring if you’re a First Generation Student, a Transfer Student, or an Aboriginal Student. Please contact us for more information.

Location Price
On-campus session $30/hr

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