A-Z Learning Services

A-Z Learning Services is part of Brock’s Student Success Centre.  Our goal is to support Brock students as they identify and work towards their personal and academic goals. We also provide extra opportunities for First Generation Students (Trailblazers!), Mature Students, Transfer Students, and Aboriginal Students.

At Brock we call our First Generation students Trailblazers.  Trailblazers are undergraduate students whose parents didn’t attend post-secondary, which means they’re blazing their own trail!

If you’re a trailblazer, we have extra opportunities for you.

Email learning@brocku.ca for details and don’t forget to let us know that you’re a Trailblazer.

Be a Leader (and earn $$)  

  • Be a Tutor
  • Facilitate course study groups
  • Inspire other trailblazers through video productions

Excel in your courses

  • Attend strategy workshops
  • Get tips from senior students in our Drop-In Centre
  • Receive a one-to-one consultation with our professional staff

*This project was made possible by a grant from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

If you’re an undergraduate student who was out of school for two or more years before attending Brock, then you’re a mature student.

In many ways, mature students enter the academic arena with distinct advantages over traditional students. For example, your work ethic is probably more developed and you may be better able to see the relationship between the work you do in the classroom and the work you do and the life you live in the larger world.

Alongside those advantages, though, are sometimes a few challenges as well. The learning management system (Sakai) might be baffling, or maybe you haven’t written a paper or an exam in years. Finding a social network, which is part of the university experience no matter your age, can be tricky too.

A-Z Learning Services can offer you support for these challenges through one-to-one consultations and by connecting you with other mature students.

For more information, email us at learning@brocku.ca

*This project was made possible by a grant from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.

Thank you for choosing Brock!
As part of our commitment to your success, A-Z Learning Services offers specialized services to transfer students.

The Transfer Success Program offers free academic support:

  • Meet for 30 minutes with a Learning Skills Specialist to explore goals and create a personalized action/resource plan.
  • After the consultation, you are eligible for 2 hours of free course-specific tutoring. Learning Services matches you with one of our tutors–a Brock student who has successfully completed the course of interest.

It’s not all about academics!  Our Transfer Connect group has weekly drop-in socials, monthly evening events like game nights and movie nights, and opening and end-of-term parties.

All students experience academic challenges-it’s a normal, natural part of the learning process. When you face challenges, let us know. We’re here to help. In partnership with and on behalf of Aboriginal Student Services, we offer:

  • Free workshops on topics like essay writing, time management, and exam prep (Register on ExperienceBU)
  • Free drop-in sessions where a student peer can give you feedback on your writing or provide you with strategies for studying, problem solving and more (Schedules and locations can be found here: Science Drop-In and Writing and Study Skills Drop-In)
  • Free tutoring through the Tutor Registry for one-on-one support in a specific course (email ssctutor@brocku.ca
  • Academic-Zone for FREE online modules on essay writing, grammar, lab reports, and basic numeracy (Just email us at academic-zone@brocku.ca to register)
  • FREE One-to-One Consultations with a Learning Skills Specialist (Email a request to learning@brocku.ca)

*This project was made possible by a grant from the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development.