HUMC 1P50: The Master Student

What does it mean to study the Humanities? What is Humanities scholarship and how do we engage with it? How are you a part of the Humanities?

HUMC 1P50: The Master Student

This course from the Faculty of Humanities will help you explore what it means to be a Humanities student as you transition into the unique university environment.

  • Align your study and learning strategies for success in the Humanities.
  • Read and analyze scholarly sources such as articles, plays, poems, and other texts.
  • Summarize and organize information for note taking, essay writing, and presentations.
  • Think reflectively about your learning experiences.
  • Advance your core skills in communication, writing, presenting, and research.
  • Explore the diversity of Humanities and what it means to be a Humanities scholar.

Weekly online lessons will introduce you to specific skills and concepts needed for success in the Humanities. Weekly seminars will help you apply those skills to your current courses. Seminar workshops and discussions focus on academic issues such as the role of academic integrity in student work, preparing for and participating in seminars, and giving and receiving feedback from peers and instructors.

This course is open to students in any discipline and year level. This course might be useful to you if you identify as:

  • A first-year university student transitioning to university from high school;
  • A mature student returning to classes after time away or for the first time;
  • A transfer student from another college or university;
  • The first person in your family to go to university;
  • A student wanting extra support as you transition to the Canadian university experience; or
  • A returning student of any level or discipline wanting a little extra support or an opportunity to reflect on your learning.

Course delivery: Weekly online modules with seminars (for credit).
Note: HUMC 1P50 cannot be used as a Humanities Context Credit.