Associate membership

All full-time members of the Faculty of Humanities are invited to become Associates of the Humanities Research Institute (HRI), on the basis of having submitted a research plan to the Institute. Sessional instructors and LTAs within the Faculty of Humanities are welcome to apply for HRI Membership. Colleagues from other Faculties who are serving in a leadership position within the Faculty of Humanities (for instance, as a Director of an Interdisciplinary Centre) are also invited to become Associates of the HRI following the same procedure.

The HRI recognizes that research, scholarship, and creative activity in the Humanities takes many forms, and that individuals may have more- or less-defined research and/or performance programs in place at different stages in their scholarly lives. It thus expects that research plans will take a variety of forms, some consisting of formally set-out statements of intention with respect to the next few years, and others involving statements of a more general and exploratory nature with regard to work newly begun or still at a ruminative stage of development. Application deadlines for HRI Associate status are January 15 and September 15 each year. The application process consists of forwarding a completed application form and a current C.V. to the Director of the HRI, in care of the Executive Assistant to the Dean of Humanities.

Graduate Student Associate Membership

All students registered in graduate programmes in the Faculty of Humanities are eligible to apply for Graduate Student Associate status in the HRI. Graduate Student Associates will receive announcements of and invitations to HRI symposia and special events, as well as invitations to events and workshops geared towards graduate students. Graduate Student Associates will also have the opportunity to apply for HRI funding to support knowledge mobilization activities. This funding process is competitive, and a student in an MA programme may receive funding only once in the duration of his/her programme; a student in a PhD programme may receive the funding twice.

To apply for Graduate Student Associate status in the HRI, please submit the following, electronically (one document in pdf format), to the HRI (

  1. A letter of application, including name, department and programme, and e-mail address
  2. An endorsement from a faculty member in the home unit
  3. A curriculum vitae (use SSHRC curriculum vitae or the format found here) — Notes on constructing a curriculum vitae.
  4. A research plan

While applications for Graduate Student Associate status may be submitted at any time, adjudication will take place only twice per year. The deadlines for adjudication are October 15 and February 1.

Visiting Associate Membership

Visiting scholars and artists, scholars- and artists-in-residence and post-doctoral students who are based in the Faculty of Humanities may apply for Visiting Associate status in the HRI. This status will remain in effect for the duration of the applicant’s stay at Brock University. The application for Visiting Associate status shall include a letter to the Director of the HRI and an outline of research or creative work to be undertaken during the applicant’s stay at Brock, and must be accompanied by a letter of support from an Associate of the HRI.