Regular HRI Associates

Eligible to apply on a competitive basis for research grants from the Humanities Research Institute (HRI). Grant competition deadlines are October 15 and March 15 each year.

HRI research grant projects are funded to a maximum of $3000. Grant recipients are required to submit a final grant report to the HRI. This report is due 2 months after the expiration of the grant. Associates will not be eligible to apply as a primary applicant for further HRI funding in the same category (Conference/Colloquia or Research) until this report has been received by the Director of the HRI. HRI funds that have not been spent within twelve months of the grant’s receipt (or another specified date, as stated when the award is announced to the recipient) will be returned to the HRI for redistribution during the next grant period.

In keeping with its mandate to generate greater public awareness of research initiatives and scholarly expertise within the Faculty of Humanities, the HRI will organize symposia each year, featuring distinguished Humanities researchers at Brock, as well as other distinguished speakers. In addition the HRI will support one or more conferences or colloquia that have been organized by HRI Associates each year, on the basis of its twice-yearly competitions for conference funding. In this case two stipulations apply: (1) that publicity materials for the event indicate HRI sponsorship; and (2) that a statement be filed after the conference as to how the contribution assisted in supporting and enhancing research in the Humanities at Brock.

The HRI does not award grants for travel to conferences.

Graduate Student Associates

Eligible to apply for funding to travel to professional conferences to present their research. Up to six grants of $300 each will be made each year to Graduate Student Associates who have had papers accepted to professional scholarly conferences. Travel to present at graduate student conferences will not be supported. Students in MA programmes may receive HRI travel funding once during their programme. Students in PhD programmes may receive funding twice.

Applications for conference travel funding must include the following:

  1. Details of the conference, including title, dates, location, and the name of the organizing body
  2. Confirmation of paper acceptance
  3. The abstract that was submitted
  4. A current curriculum vitae
  5. A detailed budget
  6. A statement of other sources of revenue held or applied for

Applications should be sent electronically (one document in pdf format) to HRI ( by March 1.

Visiting Associates

Not eligible to apply for HRI funding.